Stories have the powerful ability to inspire the soul in the most unexpected and transformative of ways. Not only can a well told tale give us a whole new perspective on life, but it can also make the impossible possible, while helping us see that we share more in common than we would like to believe.

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Webtoons and Webcomics Continue Their Ownward March Towards Print

As online comics continue to enjoy roaring success as they amass millions of readers, several webcomic/webtoon platforms are looking to parlay that success into print. The South Korean global comics platform, WEBTOON was one of the first major webcomic platforms […]

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Could We Be Seeing the End of Syndicated Comics and Cartoons?

Since the early 20th century, syndicated comics and gag cartoons have been a constant presence in newspapers worldwide. However, in a recent article by Rob Tornoe, at Editor and Publisher paints a bleak future for comics and cartoons. He starts […]

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Harvey Award Winners Announced

The winners for this years Harvey Awards were announced at the New York Comic Con this past weekend(on October 13th). Rachel Smythe continued a remarkable run of awards sweeps by winning her third consecutive Harvey Award for Digital Book of […]

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