To commemorate their 9th anniversary of their launch, The webcomic publishing giant, has announced that it has launched its first ever digital awards called WEBTOONies. Voting starts on Monday, July 10 at 9 am PT through July 23. Winners will be announced through a live-streamed event on July 29 on YouTube. Award categories include:

  • The One OTP to Rule Them All
  • Most Valuable Character (“MVC”)
  • WEBTOON “WOW” Moment
  • Best at Being the Worst
  • Biggest Swoon Moment
  • Definitely Dressing for Revenge
  • Scene Stealer
  • Biggest Schemer
  • Most Thrilling Moment
  • Cruelest Cliffhanger

Voters will be entered for a chance to win a custom commission by a Webtoon original creator.

Source: Webtoon